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Where can I get my hands on some of this awesomeness!

If you want to buy something we already make or commission something special of your own, you must choose. But choose wisely. 


You can find our most popular items on our Etsy store. And we do accept custom orders. 


Order Direct via Email

Buying direct saves you on Etsy fees!

All direct orders are billed by Paypal invoice that is payable with any credit or debit card. 



We are happy to offer our customers a no-interest, no-stress payment option.

Just ask for the installment plan and we will send you a Paypal invoice that allows you to make payments. 

You put down the deposit you want and make payments on your own schedule. There are no penalties or fees of any kind and you can pause payments whenever you need to when real life intrudes. 

Place an Order

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